With all the knowledge and experience that our company has acquired in the 30 years in which it has been in business, we have the ability to offer the best quality products that have a wide range of diversity. In addition, we are focused and greatly dedicated to producing the tools needed at their best quality, no matter what they are used for. The technology in which we specifically use in the production of the tools is the FineBlanking technology. It ensures that the end product is very accurate with no fractures whatsoever and no bends or dents either. Our tools are the precise solution to a wide range of needs and they are of great quality to leave you contented with the services in which they can perform.

The tools are used in various fields as well as various production processes; such as in hardware, locks and automotive sections, in computing, medical instruments, aerospace and dental equipment, cutlery and multi- purpose tools, in sporting goods, in the processing of various foods and other companies as well. Technology that helps in coming up with even better products that are accurate includes the addition of fine grinding, double disc grinding, horning and also the CNC machine.

In addition to the accurate, appropriate and high-quality products that we have, our company has a great partnership with other companies that have a lot that they bring to the table. They give assistance when it comes to the manufacturing, supplying and distribution of tools and equipment of different purposes, and are also based in different regions. These partners include:


  1. Bimu who produce medical, dental, watch making and also deals with the manufacturing of cars.
  2. Bomutec is one that deals with machinery used by watchmakers, jewellery and precision mechanics. Their machines are also used in aerospace and medical purposes.
  3. Madula creative solutions is a company that specializes in the manufacturing of angle heads and other products that help you in optimizing your machinery processes.
  4. Stamac has specialized in the manufacturing of metal sheets
  5. E.C.S (engineering carbide system) has specialized in the manufacturing of special clamps as well as guide bushes. They, therefore, produce a wide variety of different collets that vary in accordance to the work they are to perform.
  6. Tornos is also a well trusted company that works with SwissTech and deals with the servicing of the machines as well as the spare parts that are needed. It has an overall service system for various machines such as cleaning, repainting, restoring, replacing missing or worn out parts, assembling the machine and adjusting the geometries as well.

Do not hesitate to contact us when you are looking for quality and appropriate parts for various processes and machinery as well.






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