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We put you on the road to greater quality, safety and sustainability.

Your challenges

To reduce costs, the car industry is reducing the number of suppliers every year and increasingly collaborating with its chosen suppliers to achieve performance targets. A supplier like you is a specialist, benefiting from the latest knowhow. In your capacity as a supplier to the car industry, your challenges include:

  • Getting your foot in thedoor in the first place by conquering the demanding production part approval process (PPAP)
  • Consistent quality and in-time delivery
  • Controlled process and flow from raw material to final product
  • Versatility of orders and part upgrades
  • Ever growing price pressure
  • Very demanding requirements in terms of quality, tolerance and statistical inspection levels
  • Reactivity: Large batches are broken down in small lots according to demand, with very short deliveries.

Your ability to guarantee compliance with these parameters is one of your best means of success.

Our experience

With some 50 years of close partnership with automakers and OEMs worldwide, Tornos provides tools and indepth application knowhow for most components in all sizes of automotive vehicles, from motorcycles to trucks. With a strong foothold in R&D and close cooperation with both customers and tool manufacturers, we have the most complete offer in our industry when it comes to Swisstype turning or multispindle solutions.

The automotive industry is characterized by high volume production in purposebuilt manufacturing plants with a high degree of optimization and automation. Quality component control and on time delivery at the better price are the main focus on this industry.

As the industry becomes more and more advanced, the demand for rapid R&D increases. New materials require new tools and innovative ways of working with applications. However, the more advanced manufacturing becomes, the harder it is for the individual companies to keep all skills inhouse. This opens up new partnerships and cooperation between manufacturers, toolmakers, machine makers, universities and research centers—and this opens doors to innovation and knowledge exchange throughout the industry.

Engines today are under heavy development due to a need for reduction in emissions and increased fuel efficiency. The results are a need to downsize engines, improve in efficiency, and search for alternatives to the ICE—all of which require heavy R&D investments.

Hybrid and electrical vehicles as well as smart vehicles require more electronics and connectors. With our vast experience with these applications, Tornos is uniquely able to share valuable experience with customers.