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We connect you to success across myriad electronics applications.

Electronics challenges

Manufacturers of electronic components face a wide spectrum of challenges: increasing miniaturization, harder-to-machine materials like Inconel, stainless steel and titanium, flawless surface finishes for fiber optic connectors, and rising pressure to reduce manufacturing costs. Challenges are further compounded by specific sector demands. Depending on the sector—medical, data, transportation, communications or lightemitting diodes (LEDs)—high customization may be required. At the same time, the demand for standard connectors continues to grow.

Tornos answers

Like no other partner, Tornos answers those challenges with more than 125 years of small parts manufacturing expertise, vast technical knowledge and the ability to develop specific solutions and customize machines to customers’ individual needs. Furthermore, Tornos meets electronic component manufacturers’ needs with its hydrostatic technology delivering good surface finishes on multispindle applications, as well as finite element analysis for single-spindle applications.