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Swisstec is dedicated to ensuring that you get the best quality of tools no matter what they are meant for. It is particularly interested in the manufacturing as well as the supplying of diverse components and assembly with the use of Fineblanking Technology. It focuses on the production of various tools that are found in different fields. These include tools that are used in the following fields; Computing, Locks, Hardware, Automotive, Sporting, Processing of food, Aerospace, Medical, Instruments, Cutlery and multi- purpose tools, Chain saw and various other companies.

We offer and supply highly tolerated as well as complete solutions to satisfy our clients’ needs by putting in a great selection of secondary finishing technology that are inclusive of fine- grinding, double disc grinding, statistical analysis, horning as well as the CNC machine. With the use of Fineblanking technology, there is more chance of having a much more accurate product when it comes to shapes. This type of technology assures that the end result has neither bent surfaces nor any fractures that are formed in the end result product.

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Our company has been active for over 30 years and offers the best of all its products to all its customers, hence ensuring they are content with what we have to offer. In addition to the good quality products that our company offers, we have strong partners as well, who help in manufacturing, supplying and distributing tools and machines. They are based in various regions, and more often they offer particular kinds of products that differ from each other and perform different tasks. We work together professionally in order to ensure that our products meet the highest standard possible.




Our professional service will ensure you capitalize on your investment, ensure confident decisions and facilitate abilities to build your business to meet industry demands for current and future times.

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Machinery scheduled maintenance, breakdowns and relocation.‏


Implementation of latest technology providing one complete solution.



Technologies We work with

Glimpse of few partnered technologies



Even though we are amongst the best companies that offer the highest quality products, we do have partners who are experienced and have a great experience at what they deal with. In addition, the partners that we work with offer a diverse selection of tools and equipment. The partners are as follows:

  • CY-Laser
  • GADE
  • Sony
  • Sony
  • Sony


This gallery portrays diverse range of technologies we incorporate to attain all your business goals.

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